Healing * Transformation * Illumination

My Svaroopa® yoga classes are for people of all ages, flexibility, and, levels of experience with yoga.

Svaroopa® yoga is a form of hatha yoga that is a modern expression of yoga’s ancient tradition of opening the spine for the purpose of delving into the deeper dimension of one’s existence. Svaroopa® Yoga targets the internal structures of the body to unravel the deepest knots of muscular tension, resulting in “core opening” or “spinal release.” Using precise alignment in body-friendly ways, the yoga poses release tensions in the deep muscles along the spine, from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Svaroopa® Yoga is both a precise and compassionate yoga practice created for the purpose of healing, transformation, and, transcendent experience.

During aSvaroopa® yoga class, you will focus on the spine, inviting release of deep muscular and emotional tensions from your tailbone up to your neck. You’ll use the weight and angles of your body to invite your spinal muscles to soften and open. Through propping, all postures will be modified to your level of flexibility, enabling easy release of the tension at the base of your spine. As your body quiets, your mind quiets. You may end class feeling deeply relaxed, renewed and energized. And maybe even experience the bliss of your own being.

Svaroopa® yoga is great for all ages and all levels of yoga experience. Beginners love it because it is gentle, soft, safe, and invites an inner experience while focusing on alignment and propping to one’s current level of flexibility. Experienced yogis slow down and delve deeper into themselves, opening into new dimensions of their being, even bliss, while hanging out in simple postures that reach deeply into their spinal muscles. Because every posture is modified to each person’s level of flexibility, seniors feel they can do yoga.

Each month, my Svaroopa® yoga classes focus on a different theme.  Some of the themes you will experience over the course of a year.

  • Daily practice. Develop a daily yoga practice of 6 simple, easy to do yoga postures designed to keep your back flexible and strong. It takes just 15-30 minutes a day, and, of course can be done for longer.
  • Releasing the Lower Spine. Relieve lower back tension by relaxing muscles around the tailbone and the sacrum.
  • Releasing the Upper Spine. Relieve tension in your upper back by relaxing, first the lower spine, and, then, the muscles that attach to the vertebrae behind the heart.
  • Abdominals. Find your abdominals the yoga way, with a relaxed spine.
  • Backbends. Experience flexibility in the lower back by engaging your stomach muscles and relaxing your hip flexors.
  • Standing Poses. Let your bones support you while in standing postures, and, experience your muscles relaxing.

Svaroopa® Yoga for Seniors

Gentle Yoga for Seniors classes invite your whole being to gently soften and deeply relax. Simple, easy to do postures use the weight and angles of your body and the support of the floor to access and release deep muscular and emotional tensions along your spine, from your tailbone up to your neck. With props you’ll honor your current level of flexibility, finding at the base of your spine the source of all tension, aches and pains in your body, and, softening into new openings. You may end class feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.

Click here for a schedule of my current of Svaroopa® yoga classes and fees.

I can bring Svaroopa® yoga classes to your corporation, and, I offer a special series, yoga for the office.

For more information about Svaroopa® yoga: www.masteryoga.org.

  • Opening – Settling into Class
  • A Twist for the Rib Cage
  • The Tailbone, again
  • Closing Relaxation – Shavasana
  • Relaxing the muscles around the Tailbone
  • A lunge for the Waist area of the spine
  • Sitting for Listening or Meditating
  • Standing in Life
  • Closing Relaxation – Shavasana