A Stress Management Course

Moving from Stress Into Wellness

We are living in a time of rapid change. Our attitudes towards ourselves, events, and people around us can make the difference between feeling stressful or at peace in the midst of our daily activities.

Life Skills for Wellness is a stress management course that helps people shift from feeling blown around by life’s circumstances to being centered within themselves, in charge of their life and at peace in the midst of life’s stresses and busyness. It is designed to have a cumulative and lasting effect in the lives of participants.

Life Skills for Wellness can be offered to groups within corporations or not-for profit organizations. We will work with you to customize it to meet your team’s needs. The Life Skills for Wellness course facilitates the creation of a supportive community that encourages participants in both their daily work and home life to shift from living in stress to being in a state of body-centered wholeness.

Life Skills for Wellness Course covers the following concepts:

  • Wellness is a centered state of being in which we are at one within ourselves. The wellness state of being can be described as being at peace within oneself and others; in harmony with oneself and others; centered within one self; accepting and loving of oneself and others; knowing what makes our hearts sing and living that out.
  • Stress is a state where we are separated from our True Self. In this attitude of separation, we respond to situations as either intrinsically good or bad and people as either inherently good or bad; we blame and shame ourselves and others. More often than not we bury our feelings because we label them as either good or bad. And, these unexpressed feelings and all the energy of blaming and shaming are stuck in our muscles, causing constrictions and soreness and hurts, such as headaches, tight shoulders, back aches, etc.
  • In the centered state of oneness within ourselves, we respond to situations without a sense of blame or shame. We have and accept our feelings in response to a situation, and, then we make a decision as to how to respond. Then, we are more at peace.
  • Moving from stress to wholeness is a process of letting go of old habits and developing a new way of being. It’s a process of becoming aware of how we are feeling and being while a situation is happening, accepting ourself with whatever our feelings are, and, then allowing a change to occur. It’s a process of learning to listen to our hearts rather than our ego; getting clarity about what we truly want in life; and, developing the confidence to create a life in which our hearts sing.

During the Life Skills for Wellness Course, participants practice a set of practical, body-based techniques that help them to:

  • Stop, pay attention and listen to themselves
  • Become mindfully aware of how they are responding to any given situation in any given moment – physical sensation, thoughts and feelings, and
  • Move themselves from a state of stress to a place of body-mind centered wholeness.

The Life Skills for Wellness Course teaches participants to:

  • Experience the shift from stress to wholeness as a process of awareness, acceptance, change/shift.
  • Stop, pay attention and listen to themselves through a simple technique called a Bodyscan.
  • Connect with their whole self – physical body, thoughts and emotional feelings – and claiming their presence to self through
    • Expansive breathing
    • Vocalizing the expression of emotional feelings
    • Movement to connect with the body and move stuck areas
  • Relax and renew the body, mind and spirit through 4 simple easy to do yoga postures.
  • Develop consistent, alert, focused mindful presence with self and others.
  • Become aware of their responses to life events by paying attention to physical sensations, thoughts and feelings.
  • Accept themselves by accepting their physical sensations, thoughts and feelings in response to life situations.
  • Slow down their approach to life situations, focusing on each phase in an event:  centering/transition, preparing, being in, synthesizing/integrating.

To learn more about Life Skills for Wellness and how it can help your team to de-stress and work together more effectively, contact us.