“Care of the soul begins with observance of how the soul manifests itself and how it operates – listening and looking carefully at what is being revealed; observing the paradox; becoming familiar with its ways.” – Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore

At The ATMA Center of Yoga & Healing private healing sessions are customized to meet your particular needs. Each session approaches the body as a source of wisdom about what your soul is longing to create. Through yoga postures combined with reflective listening, you are invited to let go of deeply held physical and emotional tensions, balance your energy and overcome self limiting beliefs. Many people experience relief from chronic aches and pains and are revitalized. Others have a sense of increased creativity and get a fresh perspective on themselves and their world. Still others experience a sense of inner peace and an enlivened sense of being leading to living a passionate, soul-fulfilled life of love.

Svaroopa® Yoga, the Yoga of Bliss

Svaroopa® yoga is about opening up the energy along the spine so that you experience the bliss of your own being.  During a private session, a series of postures tailored to your body’s level of flexibility will focus on inviting release of deep muscular and emotional tensions along your spine.  Gravity, and the weight and angles of your body invite your spinal muscles, from the tailbone up to the neck, to soften and open.   Through propping, all postures are modified to your body’s level of flexibility, enabling easy access to the tension at the base of the spine.  As your body quiets, your mind will quiet, and, you will drop into the place of bliss.


Embodyment® is a hands-on-healing experience using yoga’s healing power to invite your body and mind to relax and open.  As you lie on your back, I hold 2 points in your lower spine, inviting the deep muscles along your spine to relax from your tailbone up to your neck. As you feel long held tensions in your body and mind dissolving, you’ll experience deep relaxation and revitalization.  Many clients with injuries, chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia,  and, nagging aches in the back, hips, knees, shoulders and/or neck, have discovered relief from pain and healing of old injuries through Embodyment® sessions.


Reiki is a therapeutic hands-on-healing experience that works with the universal life force energy, that power which acts and lives in all created matter, in your body to strengthen and balance your body’s energy centers.  As energy blocks are cleared, you’ll experience physical, mental and emotional healing.  Once the universal life force energy is flowing freely through your endocrine system and chakras, you may experience a sense of inner peace and health.  Reiki supports and compliments almost every kind of medication and treatment used today as it systematically strengthens your body’s absorption and use of life energy.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy integrates the body, mind and spirit by combining the ancient science of yoga with contemporary body-mind psychology. It is client-centered therapy that consciously and actively involves you in the process at all levels, and, supports you wherever you are in your journey of growth and change.  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy believes that each one of us is our own best teacher, and, that our body is the gateway to our inner source of wisdom, our soul.  In our muscles, as well as our unconscious, we store unresolved emotional experiences, often hiding them from ourselves; thus, restricting our body/mind’s natural freedom and obstructing access to our inner knowing.  While being supported and held in body positions based on classic yoga postures, and using verbal dialogue techniques, you can safely explore, release and ultimately integrate physical and emotional tensions that are blocking you, freeing you to connect with the innate wisdom of your body-mind-spirit.  After a session, you’ll be much more in touch with how you feel, how you see your world and how you connect to your own spiritual being. No previous yoga experience is necessary to receive the full benefits.

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